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Preventing & Addressing Sexual Harassment


Research shows that 98% of organizations have sexual harassment policies.  We also know that many of those same organizations have also had their employees sit through sexual harassment training – trainings those same employees dismiss as being out of touch, inapplicable, laughable or forgettable.


The problem is simple: typical sexual harassment policies and trainings haven’t worked.  As the #metoo movement has so poignantly illustrated, sexual harassment is still a HUGE problem across all industries and professions.  7 in 10 Americans now acknowledge that sexual harassment happens in almost all workplaces.


The policies and trainings that most companies and organizations have used up to this point just don’t work.  They haven’t prevented harassment from happening, and they haven’t empowered employees to speak up when they are victimized.  In fact, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the government agency responsible for enforcing federal antidiscrimination laws, estimates that 75% of all workplace harassment incidents go unreported. 

Ramona Strategies

can help.

Any consulting team you hire must have:

  • an advanced understanding of how anti-discrimination law plays out for both employers and employees;

  • extensive real-life management experience across a range of environments and demographics;

  • the ability to effectively train and educate across demographics; and

  • a history of success with delivering implementable, lasting solutions.

We won't pass off the same, tired products to multiple clients.

Sexual harassment and inappropriate workplace behaviors present nuanced problems, and we deliver nuanced solutions. 

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