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Ramona Strategies

Building Happier, More Productive, More Inclusive Teams


Most employers -- whether in corporations, non-profits, small businesses, educational institutions, or mission-driven organizations -- want to cultivate strong, effective, and cohesive teams and workplaces.  Many want to get it right.  

But complicated challenges require tailored solutions.  We work with leaders who invest the effort and energy to seek out and deliver the strategies and tools that go beyond an off-the-shelf, "this will do" approach.  Investment in your personnel doesn't have to break the bank, but it does have to be smart. Careful investment at the start pays dividends in the long term: happier, more productive, more inclusive teams -- teams that maximize potential and deliver success.   


Our Clients Include...

AFT union DEI
Analyst Institute DEI
Blue State DEI
Center for American Progress DEI
Center for Policing Equity DEI
Chesapeake Systems DEI
Communicate Health
Friends of the Earth DEI DEI
Humane Society of United States DEI
Impact Justice DEI
Indivisible DEI
JPB Foundation DEI
National Abortion Federation DEI
National Partnership for Women and Families DEI
Sierra Club DEI
Space on Ryder Farm DEI
Sunlight Foundation DEI
Warren Presidential Campaign DEI
WI Democratic Party DEI
Our Clients



Trainings, Workshops, & Roundtables

Executive Support

Advising, Generating Content, & More


Assessments, Benchmarks & Surveys

Policy &

Developing, Revising & Implementing

Corrective Coaching

Individualized Interventions & Coaching


Conducting, Overseeing, or Assisting

Contemplating at Work

Reckoning with the harm to Reimagine the future 

Board Meeting
Strategic Planning

Advising, Facilitating, Drafting


We will be in touch as soon as possible. If your situation is urgent or if you don't hear back from us within a week, please feel free to follow up directly at

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